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Road Scholar Educational Travel Programs

For 17 years the Tidal Watch Inn has designed, developed and been a provider of Road Scholar educational travel programs. Road Scholar is the largest educational travel organization in the the world. If you would like an in depth experience and understanding of New Brunswick history, culture, music, cuisine and the Bay of Fundy tidal ecosystem, try one of our six, seven or ten night programs led by experienced guides and lecturers.


Power Of The Fundy Tides: Sea Caves, Reversing Rapids and Coastal Walks – 6 Nights
Explore the New Brunswick communities influenced by the rise and fall of the Bay of Fundy's powerful tides. Discover Saint John's backdrop of history, architecture and culture and witness the tides reversing the flow of the Saint John River at Reversing Falls. Explore spectacular trails along the Bay of Fundy in the seaside fishing village of St. Martins, where 500 sailing ships were built in the golden age of sail.
• Walk coastal trails with sweeping vistas of the Bay of Fundy and distant Nova Scotia.
• Explore the ecozone around the Bay of Fundy and the St. Martins area, recently established as a U.N. Biosphere Reserve.
• A walk through historic Saint John travels along the scenic Harbor Passage into the bustling old city market.
This is a six night program based at the Tidal Watch Inn that offers different activity levels and themes on different dates.  For more information go to:
Bay Of Fundy Circle Of Tidal Wonders – 10 Nights
Set out on a journey around the Bay of Fundy to discover the unique phenomena created by the world’s highest tides, from tidal bores and reversing rapids to sea stacks and caves. Start in the small fishing village of St. Martins, where you walk the ocean floor to explore sea caves carved by the tides into massive sandstone cliffs. Move up the coast to the iconic Hopewell Rocks and onto Nova Scotia shores to discover a tidal bore, fossil beds and a rich blend of Mi'kmaw, English and French cultures. Ferry back across the bay to the historic port city of Saint John to complete your journey, reflecting on the friendly locals you’ll have met in each welcoming community where life is governed by the sweep and rhythm of the tides.
• Immersed in the beauty of the Bay of Fundy and its coastal communities, learn how the force of the highest tides in the world create tidal bores, rapids, sea stacks sea caves and arches.
• Learn about the present and future of tidal power generation at the only tidal power plant in North America and one of only a few in the world.
• Meet and ride the Tidal Bore on the Bay of Fundy, chasing and surfing the tidal surge in a stable, powered Zodiac.
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Canadian Maritime Feast of Tides - 10 Nights


Journey to serene fishing villages and tidal harbors in three provinces in the Canadian Maritimes to discover how the food, culture and environment are intertwined. Meet with fishermen, farmers, vintners and chefs to learn about Maritime food from field and sea-to-plate, and enjoy culinary experiences from hearty Maritime comfort foods to meals from acclaimed chefs. Music, art and beautiful seascapes will complete a rich experience of Canadian Maritime life.

New Brunswick's Two Cultures, Two Sea Shores – 6 Nights
Based in the seaside village of St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy, explore how two beautiful coastal areas of New Brunswick were settled by very different peoples — Acadians on the north shore and British Loyalists on the south. Witness the dramatic Bay of Fundy tides, walking with a naturalist on the ocean floor out to sea caves. Spend two nights in the French town of Bouctouche, where history comes alive with vibrant music, food, theater and dance. Return to the Bay of Fundy and St. Martins to learn how British Loyalists built more than 500 great wooden sailing ships and launched them worldwide.
• Enjoy specially prepared meals drawn from Acadian and British Loyalist culinary traditions.
• In St. Martins, stay at a historic inn just 150 feet from the high-tide line.
• Learn about the human and natural history of New Brunswick's two seashores.
For more information go to:

Tides and Trails of New Brunswick – 9 Nights
Experience the natural and human diversity of New Brunswick on this sweeping hiking journey. On a series of invigorating daily hikes, trek through two National Parks, along two seashores and back in time through the history of Aboriginal, Acadian and English cultures and a succession of ancient geological ages. On the Bay of Fundy, take part in hikes governed by the rhythm of the world’s highest tides as you walk the ocean floor out to sea caves and flowerpot rocks carved from red sandstone sea cliffs. Along the warm, tranquil waters of the northern Northumberland Straight, explore sand dunes, salt marshes, sheltered lagoons and the coastal trails of Kouchibouguac National Park. Head south into Fundy National Park, encompassing some of the last pristine wilderness bordering the Fundy Shore.
• On hikes along the Bay of Fundy coastline, learn about unusual rock formations, sea caves, headlands and sea arches carved by the highest tides in the world.
• Set out with local experts on the extensive trail systems that wind through two Canadian National Parks on two different sea shores.
• Immerse yourself in the spirit of New Brunswick as you meet friendly locals and sample the varied cuisine of the Acadian and Bay of Fundy coasts.
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